Your signature will help people like Scott avoid suffering at the end of their lives.

Each signature on this petition brings us one step closer to passing laws to give terminally ill people the right to a peaceful death, with their loved ones at their side.

Right now, there are terminally ill people in NSW experiencing unbearable suffering, which cannot be relieved, even with the best palliative care. We cannot let this continue.

For too long NSW Parliament has avoided voluntary assisted dying law reform - but that has to change – and the time is now.

Assisted dying laws have passed in Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania, South Australia and New Zealand, and are on their way in Queensland.

The question is - Why not NSW?

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We ask members of the NSW Parliament to work together to pass voluntary assisted dying laws in 2021. Over 80% of the community believe that dying people should have the right to ask for medical assistance to end their lives peacefully. People are suffering right now and we cannot wait any longer. Every day matters!

Rick James
signed 2021-07-29 18:31:04 +1000
Robert Daley
signed 2021-07-29 18:29:16 +1000
I am a practising Christian, and I fully support voluntary euthanasia.
Janice Paterson
signed 2021-07-29 18:26:38 +1000