Your Rights

After nearly 50 years of lobbying by Dying with Dignity organisations around Australia by the end of 2022 all Australian states have passed laws to legalise voluntary assisted dying (VAD). Some of the VAD laws have already taken effect while others are still in their implementation stage.

Other laws related to alternative end-of-life choices are complex. For example, although suicide or attempted suicide is legal in Australia, it is a crime to aid or abet another person to commit or attempt to commit suicide. In addition, a competent adult has the legal right to refuse all treatment including food and water in order to hasten their death. There are also laws related to Advance Care Directives that allow someone who loses decision-making capacity to exercise certain end-of-life care choices.

Dying with Dignity NSW recommends that you know your medical rights, especially in relation to end-of-life care and you can find more detailed information below.

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